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    CARVALHO, T. C. M. B.CARVALHO, T. C. M. B.Lucia Helena XavierXAVIER, L. H.FRADE, N. B.FRADE, N. B. . DISPOSITIVO DE TRANSPORTE DE CINESCÓPIOS, 2013. Categoria: Produto. País: Brasil. Natureza: Patente de Invenção. Número do registro: BR102013001096. Data de depósito: 16/01/2013.


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    Rocha, A.TORRES, R. da S.Penatti, O. A. B.Mendes, P. R.Pazinato, D.Almeida, W.Werneck, R. O.Stein, B. V. . Método para Classificação Automática de Visões do Coração a partir de Ecocardiogramas, 2014. Categoria: Processo. País: Brasil. Natureza: Patente de Invenção. Número do registro: BR10201401105. Data de depósito: 07/05/2014. Data de concessão: 07/05/2014. Resumo: The proposed solution can automatically classify different views of heart ultrasound images (echocardiograms). The results of the classification can be used for categorization of echocardiogram videos, both pre-stored and real-time (in a frame by frame basis). The later problem requires an efficient solution. Our solution goes in this direction by proposing an efficient feature extraction approach. It is also amenable to work with images captured under several different conditions (different acquisition devices, acquisition distortions, different resolutions, etc.).

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    VIEGAS, E.BREITMAN, K. K. . SEMANTIC SEARCH INTERFACE FOR DATA COLLECTIONS , 2012. Categoria: Processo. País: Estados Unidos. Natureza: Patente de Invenção. Número do registro: 20120310990. Data de depósito: 12/06/2012.

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    RESENDE, M. G. C.CUNHA, A. S.LUCENA FILHO, Abílio Pereira deMACULAN FILHO, N. . US PATENT nr.7978629: Method for network design to maximize difference of revenue and network cost, 2011. País: Estados Unidos. Natureza: . Número do registro: 7978629. Data de depósito: 23/02/2009. Data de concessão: 12/07/2011.

    network optimization;combinatorial optimization;steiner tree problem;telecommunications

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    CANFIELD, T.MILLER, G. L.RAO, S.SITARAMAN, R. K. . Optimal route selection in a content delivery network, 2011. Categoria: Processo. País: Estados Unidos. Natureza: Patente de Invenção. Número do registro: 8194538. Data de depósito: 18/04/2011. Data de concessão: 05/06/2012. Resumo: A routing mechanism, service or system operable in a distributed networking environment. One preferred environment is a content delivery network (CDN) wherein the present invention provides improved connectivity back to an origin server, especially for HTTP traffic. In a CDN, edge servers are typically organized into regions, with each region comprising a set of content servers that preferably operate in a peer-to-peer manner and share data across a common backbone such as a local area network (LAN). The inventive routing technique enables an edge server operating within a given CDN region to retrieve content (cacheable, non-cacheable and the like) from an origin server more efficiently by selectively routing through the CDN's own nodes, thereby avoiding network congestion and hot spots. The invention enables an edge server to fetch content from an origin server through an intermediate CDN server or, more generally, enables an edge server within a given first region to fetch content from the origin server through an intermediate CDN region..

    overlay network

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