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     Santos, Betânia RMascarenhas, Luis P GSatler, FabíolaBoguszewski, Margaret C SSpritzer, Poli . Vitamin D deficiency in girls from South Brazil: a cross-sectional study on prevalence and association with vitamin D receptor gene variants.BMC pediatrics (Online), v.12, p. 62-, 2012

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     Graff, Scheila KarenAlves, Bruna CherubiniToscani, Mariana KirjnerSpritzer, Poli Mara . Benefits of pedometer-measured habitual physical activity in healthy women.Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, v.37, p. 149-156, 2012

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     Maier, Polyana S.Mattiello, Simone S.Lages, LuizaSpritzer, Poli M. . 17-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 5 gene polymorphism (-71A/G HSD17B5 SNP) and treatment with oral contraceptive pills in PCOS women without metabolic comorbidities.Gynecological Endocrinology, v.28, p. 606-610, 2012

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     Franz, R.Maturana, M. A.Magalhães, J. A.Moraes, R. S.Spritzer, P. M. . Central adiposity and decreased heart rate variability in postmenopause: a cross-sectional study.Climacteric, v., p. 1-8, 2012

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    SANTOS, Betânia RodriguesSATLER, F.Boguszewski, M.CSPRITZER, Poli Mara . Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms and sex steroid secretion in girls with precocious pubarche in Southern Brazil: a pilot study.Journal of Endocrinological Investigation (Testo stampato), v.12, p. 62-62, 2012

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