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     Borges, Alessandro SantosAndrade, Maria de FátimaGuardani, Roberto . Ground-level ozone prediction using a neural network model based on meteorological variables and appiled to the metropolitan area of São Paulo.International Journal of Environment and Pollution, v.49, p. 1-, 2012

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     Glasse, BenjaminFritsching, UdoKoch, ThomasDe Paiva, Jose L.Guardani, Roberto . Turbidimetric Spectroscopy for the Evaluation of Metalworking Fluids Stability.Turbidimetric Spectroscopy for the Evaluation of Metalworking Fluids Stability, v.55, p. 237-244, 2012

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     Alvarez, L. A.Odloak, D. . Optimization and control of a continuous polymerization reactor.Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering, v.29, p. 807-820, 2012

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     Capron, B.D.O.Uchiyama, M.T.ODLOAK, D. . Linear matrix inequality-based robust model predictive control for time-delayed systems., v.6, p. 37-, 2012

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