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     Lopes, E.M.Duarte, J.L.Dias, I.F.L.LAURETO, E.Guimarães, P.S.S.Subtil, A.G.S.Quivy, A.A. . Magnetophotoluminescence study of GaAs/AlGaAs coupled double quantum wells with bimodal heterointerface roughness., v.132, p. 1183-1187, 2012

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    FARIA, L. A.Angelo PassaroNOHRA, L.AMORE, R. D. . Influence of the cryogenic temperature and the BIAS voltage on the spontaneous polarization effect of X5R dielectric capacitors.International Refereed Journal of Engineering and Science, v.1, p. 14-21, 2012

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     Keizer, J. G.Henriques, A. B.Maia, A. D. B.Quivy, A. A.Koenraad, P. M. . Atomically resolved study of the morphology change of InAs/GaAs quantum dot layers induced by rapid thermal annealing.Applied Physics Letters, v.101, p. 243113-, 2012

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     Henriques, A. B.Schwan, A.Varwig, S.Maia, A. D. B.Quivy, A. A.Yakovlev, D. R.Bayer, M. . Spin coherence generation in negatively charged self-assembled (In,Ga)As quantum dots by pumping excited trion states.Physical Review B, v.86, p. -, 2012

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     Maia, A D Bda Silva, E C FQuivy, A ABindilatti, Vde Aquino, V MDias, I F L . The influence of different indium-composition profiles on the electronic structure of lens-shaped In x Ga 1− x As quantum dots .Journal of Physics. D, Applied Physics (Print), v.45, p. 225104-, 2012

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